Who We Are

Curt Naser

Curt Naser – Founder and Interim CEO

Curt Naser is one of the founders of Axiom Education and the original creator of Mentor. As an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Fairfield University, and their Facilitator for Academic Assessment, Curt worked with the schools of business, engineering, nursing, education, continuing studies and arts & sciences in developing and supporting sustainable assessment methods via Mentor (or Eidos, as it was originally known). Curt regularly presents at academic assessment and institutional research conferences and consults with several institutions on assessment practices.  Curt is also a practicing bioethicist and serves on several IRBs and ethics committees in Connecticut.  Curt’s experience in research involving human subjects led to the development of the IRB module in Mentor.

Curt received his B.A. from University of Pittsburgh in 1986 and Ph.D. in Philosophy from Stony Brook University in New York in 1993. He has taught at the Stony Brook School of Medicine for four years and at Fairfield University since 1995. Curt is a trained bioethicist and teaches ethics, bioethics and philosophy at Fairfield.

Chett Rubenstein

Chett Rubenstein – Founder, CTO
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Chett Rubenstein is one of the founding members of Axiom Education, where he brings his 30 years of experience in management, sales, IT, software development and the delivery of software as a service. Prior to joining Axiom, Chett was the CTO of cloud services provider RecoveryPlanner, Vice President Product Development of Greenfield Online, the founder and CEO of CTTechHosting.net, Vice President Financial Industry Services for Experio Solutions (currently Hitachi Consulting), Director of Business Development for Net Quotient Consulting Group (currently Xtivia Technologies), and Vice President Web Services for Nationsbank (currently Bank of America).

Chett has a bachelor of science degree in accounting, international finance and computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Don Bodnar

Don Bodnar – Founder and CFO

Don Bodnar is the founder of the Axiom Group, which includes Axiom Education and Axiom International. Originally founded as D&D Systems in 1993, Axiom Group added Axiom Education to leverage prior experience with telecommunications infrastructure services provided to Connecticut municipalities and school systems. Axiom International provides technical engineering, support, project management and market data services to financial trading floors in the United States and Europe.

Prior to founding Axiom Group, Don was CEO of a Communications Installation and Integration company in Southern Connecticut for nearly 10 years. Don brings a wealth of management experience to the team, including accounting, operations, vendor management, sales and marketing.