Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Axiom Education provide Mentor in a hosted environment?
A: Yes, Axiom Education hosts the full Mentor platform in the Amazon cloud. We provide 24/7 support for our infrastructure and the Mentor platform, and this saves our clients the operating and maintenance costs for their own IT infrastructure.

Q: How secure is my data?
A: Axiom Education takes security very seriously. We realize that your data must be protected from loss and unauthorized access, and must be available when your users need it. The Mentor platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services, which provides best practice information security standards.

You can find more information about Amazon’s security at the Amazon Web Services’ website. For a thorough review of our data security practices, contact us and we will provide a copy of our ISO 27002 Security Policy.

Q: Does Mentor integrate with my other data systems?
A: Absolutely! We believe it is critical to allow easy access to your data. Whether you need to import data to Mentor from one of your other institutional systems, or export data from Mentor for further processing, we provide multiple methods for you to use. In addition to an extensive web services API that will allow you to programmatically automate integration, we provide easy methods to both import and export flat file and spreadsheet data.

Q: Does Mentor integrate with our campus portal?
A: Yes, Mentor can easily be integrated with your campus portal. This can be as easy as creating a link to the Mentor login page from within your portal. It can also be more involved either using your institution’s directory services to authenticate your users in Mentor or in leveraging single sign on to allow your authenticated portal users to access Mentor with their portal authentication credentials.

Q: What kind of support do you provide?
A: Axiom Education is committed to providing the best possible user experience for Mentor. Our Support Team is available by phone M-F, 9am-5pm ET, and by email 24/7. There is also extensive online help available to users right from within the platform. We provide online interactive support via GoToMeeting, so you can share your screen and we can see exactly what you are seeing. Frequent webinar training sessions are available to help increase users’ understanding of the many functional strengths of the Mentor platform.

Q: Do you provide training?
A: We certainly do. All new customers receive training as part of their initial setup. This can be fulfilled on campus or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.

Q: How can we get started?
A: Getting started with Mentor is easy as 1-2-3. 1 – Simply contact us and a representative will help you decide which Mentor components your institution would like to use. 2 – Once your contract is executed, your individual Mentor instance will be created and you will be given immediate access. 3 – We will then work with you to satisfy your individual integration needs and provide your initial training.

Q: Who is using Mentor?
A: Mentor is being used today by an ever increasing list of institutions, including Fairfield University, Granite State College, Loyola Maryland, Marymount University, Elon University and Easton Country Day School. For direct references, please give us a call or send us an email. Nothing will convince you more regarding the value of Mentor than our existing customers.

Q: Does Mentor provide assessment tools?
A: Axiom Mentor was built from the ground up to facilitate and manage assessment of student learning outcomes. The whole premise of the Axiom Mentor platform is to integrate assessment of student learning with its online course management and portfolio systems. The online course management system is the vehicle for collecting and archiving student work. Archived student work is available to curricular programs for assessment and to students for creating portfolios of their work. Mentor supports both instructor directed classroom assessment, program level assessment and can even integrate the two to leverage instructor grading work with rubrics. Mentor has a sophisticated and flexible rubric engine that links rubric traits to learning objectives and allows an assessment committee or individual instructor to construct and apply rubrics to student artifacts, student portfolios or student performance.

Q: Does Mentor help our institution with accreditation?
A: Mentor has a number of tools to help manage institutional accreditation, from its database of faculty scholarship and faculty activity reporting, to its document management system that can archive and make available to a campus community and accreditation visiting teams a flexible and fully searchable archive of institutional documents and reports. Faculty scholarship, teaching and service can be reported in electronic CV’s, annual reports and departmental and school reports. Whether it is annual reporting to the department chair or accreditation review, the same data is available in one place for all purposes.

Q: Does Mentor help with course management needs?
A: Mentor is first and foremost an online course management system. It can be used as an online adjunct to classroom taught courses, or it can be the vehicle for full online teaching. Mentor has a rich array of messaging tools (discussion board, chat, blogs, email and document sharing) to facilitate student-to-student, student-to-instructor and instructor-to-student communications. Mentor has a full online testing and survey system and a full class documents system for providing students with electronic copies of texts. Mentor also has a full grade book integrated with assignments, tests, the discussion board and attendance. Mentor can easily accommodate multiple instructors in the same course and allows instructors to combine separate sections of the same course into one convenient Mentor course.