General Survey and Testing

Mentor includes a full survey and testing facility. Surveys and tests can be created and run by instructors in the context of course management, or they can be set up and run independently of the course management system. In addition, Mentor surveys and tests can be “pushed” out to specific courses (or all courses). Survey and test questions can also be linked to programmatically defined learning outcomes and results aggregated by outcome.

Mentor General Survey and Testing also has a unique feature: questions can be set up to query the faculty activity reporting database. By specifying the type of reference (article, chapter, book, presentation, etc.) as well as other conditions such as dates and publication categories, a survey can be designed to report specific types of publications.

Mentor General Survey and Testing supports the following types of questions:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Numeric
  • Numeric Range
  • Short Text
  • Short Answer
  • Long Answer
  • Matching
  • File Upload
  • Faculty Reporting Queries

Mentor will auto-grade objective questions on tests and automatically summarizes distributions of responses on surveys.

Mentor Surveys can be set up to do branching, sending respondents to a question depending on their response to a previous question.

Mentor Tests can be set up to run questions sequentially or students can edit their answers during the test. Mentor supports test banks and random test question selection based on specific rules the test administrator creates. Mentor tests can be timed and individual questions can be timed as well. Tests can return to students their scores immediately upon completion and the test administrator can create a results table that interprets student test scores.

Both Mentor Surveys and Tests can be targeted to internal Mentor users or to external lists or respondents (who don’t have a Mentor account). Mentor provides an external interface for non-Mentor users. The Mentor invitation email includes a personal URL for each target respondent that will load the survey or test directly.

Both Tests and Surveys have a data export function so that the respondents answers can be downloaded to a spreadsheet or imported into any statistical package for further analysis.

Because it is important for institutions to control surveys of its constituents, a Mentor System Administrator can create a survey shell and then delegate responsibility to any other Mentor user to add the questions, set the target population and administer the test or survey. There is no limit on the number of surveys and tests that can be run in Mentor.